Maestro is designed to take the hassle out of management

We know that managing a team is work.  We’ve been there and that’s why we made Maestro.  Everything from automated reminders to including SMS for free is designed to make your life easier.  We think that when you try Maestro, you’ll understand why.


Create your team, your schedule, and invite your roster quickly and easily. From there Leagr takes over.


We let your team check in via email, text, or the web. We'll even let you know how your numbers are looking prior to every game automatically.


We aren't in the business of spamming you or selling your information. Your contact info is used only to send you reminders and check in about games.

Set it, and Forget it.

Maestro automatically handles almost every aspect of your season once you’ve set it up.  We’ll regularly email and text users for upcoming games, track their replies and notify you of the status.


We also continue to remind users who are invited but have not yet joined, that means even the slackers continue to get notifications!


Anything that is a pain about managing a team is taken care of by Leagr, because we’ve been there.

Communication That Works.

  • Automatic reminders for games
  • Tracks replies to let you know who is in or out
  • No need to login every week
  • SMS reminders and reply tracking
  • Schedule tracking and game changes

Did we mention, it’s FREE!

Features You Need.

  • Support for seasons
  • Unlimited roster size
  • Unlimited season length and matches
  • Unlimited SMS & email reminders
  • Easy invitations to get your team signed up

Get the app.

Get the Leagr app today to see upcoming matches and check in with your teams on the go. Available on iOS and Android.